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Dynamical Systems and Ergodic Theory Edinburgh Topology Seminar
Dynamical Systems (Autumn 2010) Edinburgh Geometry Seminar
Geometry and Convergence (Winter 2010) Edinburgh Applied Maths Seminar
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AMS Mathscinet (simplified) KSPACE: a C++ library to compute invariants of Eschenburg spaces
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flexible pendulum This is a single trajectory of a radially flexible, planar pendulum projected onto configuration space. The trajectory appears to fill out the entire energy level and appears to be non-integrable ...
geodesics on torus Here is a typical geodesic on a torus embedded in 3-dimensional space. This particular geodesic flow is Liouville integrable, meaning in this case that the geodesic pictured here has two conserved quantities: its energy and the angular momentum about the vertical (red) axis which is commonly called the Clairaut first integral. The trajectory is integrated numerically with an algorithm due to Forest and Berz.
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